Samsung went on 10nm process technology

About two months ago, Samsung unveiled plans for the transition to 10nm chipsets technical production process using FinFET technology. And it’s a strange move, given that one month before the announcement, the company announced the first smartphone based 14nm Exynos 7420.

Samsung went on 10nm process technology

Not so long ago there were rumors that Samsung is going to change its production schedule, so that customers have the opportunity to go directly to 10nm chips, bypassing the 14nm process technology.

And so, on July 21, senior director of Samsung Foundry Kelvin Lowe in his video message on YouTube confirmed that the company has officially moves to 10nm solutions for mobile, consumer and networked devices. Samsung has introduced the LSI first 10nm chipset, which, of course, for the most part is a demonstration of the features and links to large customers that Samsung is more than ready to release 10nm solutions and cope with it without too much difficulty. With own video message you can read below.

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