Samsung will completely change the company’s corporate policies

In Samsung’s growing concern about the continuing stability in the current market, so the manufacturer announced that it plans to upgrade its corporate culture, rewriting it from scratch.

Samsung will completely change the company's corporate policies

The purpose of Samsung – the elimination of hierarchies and a more relaxed, friendly organization that looks competitive in the industry. The debate over the decisions of the company continues, as there are doubts as to whether the company to carry out this massive feat, considering that the Samsung employs more than 300 000 people will be able to.

Samsung is trying to become more flexible in order to remain competitive in a more and more increasing industry. When the saturated smartphone market, Samsung is feeling the decline in sales of smartphones and component and therefore taking steps to motivate employees.

The changes, which the company wants to implement, seem very attractive. Samsung is going to reduce the requirements for the dress code and the mandates for work at the weekend, the company plans to reduce the pressure on its workforce.

Also, corporate parties are something of a tradition among Korean business after work, but Samsung has made efforts to make them less binding, in order to give their employees more freedom to social life and family.

Internal meetings will be reduced across the board, and reporting will become more simplified. The main aim is to inspire its employees “winning spirit”That will encourage them to increase productivity and become more involved in their work.

Of course, we have yet to see whether these changes to become successful. It is difficult to manage a large company with the same mechanism that normal startup, but it is clear that the company needed something piedprinimat if Samsung wants to see their employees healthy, happy and productive.

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