Samsung will create its own graphics accelerator

Recently, Samsung manufactures processors are pretty good. Chipset Exynos line are in demand by many companies that equip their flagships of these chips. The South Korean manufacturer is not going to stop, and plans to use the GPU for SoC in 2017.

Samsung will create its own graphics accelerator

According to the road map production processors, Samsung will create a heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) for its future processors. In this architecture, CPU and GPU are on the same bus, which allows them to share the same tasks and memory. This should increase the rate and to provide an improved graphics.

According to the proposed «Roadmap», Samsung will make its debut with the Exynos HSA in a year or two. The chipset will include a graphics accelerator Mali. Then, in 2017 or 2018, GPU Mali will be replaced by graphics processor from Samsung.

In September 2014, the network have been rumors that Samsung is working on its own graphics chip. Because these things take time, it is likely that the company is on schedule.

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