Samsung will create its own VR-studio

virtual reality market is quite promising, it is not surprising that this year many companies active in this segment. Recently, Google began collecting the team in a new division dedicated to the VR, and now Samsung have announced a new project.

Samsung will create its own VR-studio

So, at the Sundance Film Festival, Samsung announced that it will open the VR-studio in New York. This was announced by Marc Mathieu, marketing director of Samsung in the United States. As you know, last year at this same festival Oculus announced the same.

Of course, the Samsung does not have a film studio the size of a hangar, but something more modest. Mathieu said that the studio will be built in an existing office in New York, where he currently resides marketing team.

Further details on VR-studio were a bit scarce, but Samsung also announced the annual collaboration with Sundance. It seems that soon users will be able to see movies from Samsung with immersion in virtual reality, and until then, we will monitor developments in order to learn about new details of the initiative of the South Korean manufacturer.

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