Search Google Photos received pictures of Emoji

Google Photos is a handy application to store your photos. It not only offers free unlimited storage for photos, but Google also offered users a convenient way to search through the library. And now Google Photos were complemented by the ability to search the library using the Emoji, and no, we’re not kidding.

Search Google Photos received pictures of Emoji

The next time you download photos to Google Photos and run a search, you can see a list of emoticons that may be relevant to your personal library. Of course, this may seem like April Fool’s Day jokes, but it looks as if the addition will be a permanent feature of Google Photos.

Although the function is quite unusual, if used properly, search will be much komfortnek. For example, you can easily find the photo, which shows people wearing glasses or holiday photos with tons of photos sun. Emoticons have become very popular over the last couple of years, and now they are very common in everyday life, so it is not surprising that they finally made their way into search engines.

The function appears through the server, so it does not seem that this update is required on Google Play, so soon all users will get a new opportunity to search Google Photos.

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