Smartphone HTC M8 (One in 2014) is with on-screen buttons?

Everyone’s favorite supplier of leaks, rumors of false and truthful, @evleaks, argues that the successor of last year’s flagship HTC One will be presented with the screen buttons, as is customary in the katabatic Android.

Smartphone HTC M8 (One in 2014) is with on-screen buttons?

At the moment this is an interesting moment as HTC, along with the Samsung company, are major Android manufacturers that use hard capacitive buttons on their devices. If you lose the keys M8 smartphone  in favor of the navigation bar, then Samsung will be left alone  using custom buttons.

Smartphone HTC M8 (One, 2014) is a screen buttons?

Without a doubt, HTC is a step in the direction of on-screen buttons on the M8 will cause a lot of complaints from fans «classics» Who argue that the presence of these buttons, a more natural and safe to use.

Over the weekend @evleaks also shared the default image for the M8.

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