Snapdragon 820 has problems with overheating

For those who hope that the Snapdragon processor 820, will wash away the memory of overheating Snapdragon 810 chip, there is bad news. Recent reports say that the Snapdragon chipset 820 overheating as well as its predecessor.

Snapdragon 820 has problems with overheating

Since Samsung plans to equip one of the variations of the Galaxy S7 this chipset manufacturer is working on a solution to the problem.
One report says that Samsung will try to fix the overheating by software. If this fails, the company can add a heat sink to help remove the heat from the chip.

As is well known, Snapdragon processor 820 is 40% more graphics performance, and consumes 40% less energy than the Snapdragon 810, built on 20nm process technology.

Many companies such as Xiaomi, LG, HTC and the Samsung, considering 820th processor for its flagships. If the problem is not solved with overheating, it can tighten Qualcomm into the financial black hole, from which the company can not go back.

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