Snapdragon 830 can receive support 8 GB RAM

Not much time has passed since the Snapdragon 820 specifications were officially announced, but some rumors about the Snapdragon 830 has already flowed into the network.

Snapdragon 830 can receive support 8 GB RAM

The first thing we heard about the next Qualcomm processor, most likely it will be built on the next generation 10nm manufacturing process, Samsung, which is quite obvious, since the development of Snapdragon 830 will coincide with the start of mass production of chips in the size of 10 nm.

In addition to reducing the size that will bring to an inevitable increase in productivity and reduction in power consumption at the same physical space, it was reported that the Snapdragon 830 can support mobile devices with 8 GB of RAM.

Given that the Snapdragon 820 specifications clearly indicated support for dual-channel memory LPDDR4 1866 MHz, it is easy to imagine that his successor can get the same dual-channel configuration, but with support for 8 GB of RAM.

In September of this year, Samsung announced that they were able to develop chips with 1.5 GB RAM LPDDR4 memory using 20nm process technology, and noted in a press release.

Thus, the 4 memory module enable the manufacturer to be used in the smartphone 6 GB of RAM.

By this time next year, the Samsung company can advertise modules with 2 GB of RAM, just at a time when the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 will start production.

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