Sony Android UI – live photos and video

Just recently you can see screenshots of the new Sony firmware user interface. And if before the existence of the new UI could be questioned, but now this is not possible. The network has live photos, videos, showing all the features of Sony Android UI, as well as the firmware itself.

As you know, the UI test took place in Sweden among 500 owners of Sony Z3.

Apparently, the new the UI, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, really is almost a pure Android, pereterpevshim minimal cosmetic changes and get the Sony branded applications

On the other hand, the firmware cut the familiar features like: Xperia theme, the ability to capture screen and Stamina mode. However, do not be upset, because the firmware is in beta and is a good chance that in future builds of Sony proprietary functionality will be restored.

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