Sony can shut down the mobile division

Sony is not experiencing the best years. And next year could be crucial for smartphones from Sony, as the CEO, Kazuo Hirai said that Sony could begin to consider “alternatives” Mobile card, if he starts to not make a profit.

Sony can shut down the mobile division

The company gave myself an ultimatum, to try to bring them back to the mobile business to break even after 2016 before considering the fate of their own brand smartfonoa Xperia. We do not know exactly what the alternatives might be, but the yield of rynkp smartphone is not possible. Hirai has already presented a number of important measures to optimize costs Sony, including the transition of the company in the computer business.

Despite the drastic measures and a number of restructuring efforts, Sony received a $ 480 million loss this year. This is significantly higher than what the company expected to lose more in April. This makes it seem highly unlikely that Sony will be able to return to office of profit in such a short period of time. Xperia Smartphones make up less than 1 per cent of deliveries in the United States, and only 17.5 percent in his home country – Japan.

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