Sony CEO denied rumors about the company

Last month, the Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai, talked about the company’s readiness “consider alternatives”If their mobile business will not be profitable in 2016. Perhaps, it would mean that Sony is going to sell the mobile division. In an interview this week, CEO dispelled some rumors about the company.

Sony CEO denied rumors about the company

Speculation that Sony is going to enter the market of processors, rooted in an article on to DigiTimes, who noted that such a maneuver from Sony will allow the technology giant to become a worthy competitor to Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Kazuo Hirai debunked such rumors this week in China. He denied any alleged Sony plans to manufacture chipsets, as well as the idea that the mobile division of the company may be eligible for sale in the next two years. Director General adhered to the statements made by Sony back in July that Sony Mobile “It will never be sold or leave the current mobile business”.

The plan, which Kazuo Hirai shared during the interview, including further restructuring, reduction of production costs, increase profits and expand the product line, which will attract more sales.

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