Sony invented the high-capacity battery

Batteries are one of the weaknesses of mobile devices. Although great strides have been made in the development of Bystrai charging, battery life can last longer without increasing capacity, and therefore, size. But, Sony, may have made a breakthrough.

Sony invented the high-capacity battery

In place of the Lithium-ion, which has been the standard for batteries since 1991, comes a new high-capacity battery is a sulfur-based compounds, and over which runs Sony.

Typically, the sulfur in the electrode dissolves in the electrolyte batteries too quickly during each charge cycle, which reduces the battery capacity. However, Sony claims that they have found a solution to this problem, and will be able to construct a battery in which at 40% capacity for the same amount.

This would mean that such smartphones like the Nexus would have received 6P battery with 4500 mAh instead of 3220 mAh and Galaxy S6 could boast of a battery at 3750 mAh instead of 2550 mAh.

Of course, it could also mean that manufacturers will make devices thinner and still maintain the same amount of battery life, but we hope that companies still choose the increase of the battery capacity of your devices.

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