Sony plans to start production of double cameras

Sony started to develop a dual camera platform. The company has long been a supplier of components for smartphone cameras, but this step shows that they believe that the dual cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Sony plans to start production of double cameras

Despite this, the Sony said that they do not believe that the new shape of the chamber will be rapidly gaining growth, at least in this gody.

The growth of the smartphone market at the global level is gradually slowing down. As a result, demand for components for the devices falls, so Sony is banking on making a profit from the new technology a little later than we prefer.

An additional lens may seem a bit redundant, but these modules actually bring a lot of functionality for mobile devices.

Some smart phones using this technology, to create the effect of a wide angle lens, but it can also be used to improve shooting in low light conditions.

In addition, these solutions will allow to improve the quality of shooting when scaling by providing a high quality zoom.

Currently, the zoom function of the camera, namely, digital zoom, not better, than the increase in image gallery.

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