Sony presented a wearable headset & ldquo; N & rdquo;

Earlier this month, Sony announced a new research initiative called “Future Lab Program” together with a mysterious device called a “N”.

Sony presented a wearable headset & ldquo; N & rdquo;

Details about the new wearable audio device had been secret until today, and the Japanese company has set out to fix it, heading to the capital of Texas for the exhibition SXSW Interactive.

Although BP device looks much like some headphones from Sony Korean competitor, “N” – Is more than just headphones. By default, the device is not worn even plugs in their ears. “N” Use speakers that provide reverse sound while on the user’s neck and on the same time are some alternative to Google Glass.

In fact, the device delivers a sound that can be heard without headphones and Sony stressed that it was created for active people, who will wear the device while running, biking, or driving without having to worry about security issues. The device also has motion sensors and the ability to track the location.

Till “N” It is in the early stages of development, but Sony has already demonstrated a few voice commands that it can perform. In its current form the device can receive data Yelp, AccuWeather and Strava.

The device is able to take pictures using the command “Listen up Arc, take photo”. After the command hidden objects will appear on the left side of the device. This should ease the privacy concerns faced by the owners of Google Glass.

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