Sony published the plans for the current fiscal year

Sony has published its forecast for the fiscal year ending in March 2017, and the company’s mobile division, Sony’s opinion, has quite good prospects. After several years of losses, Sony has expects a profit in its mobile division.

Sony published the plans for the current fiscal year

Of course, the profit that Sony plans to extract relatively small, at $ 45 million, but nonetheless, for Sony it can be a breath of fresh air. For reference, last year the company’s losses amounted to about $ 560 miloionov. A year earlier the situation was even bleaker, with enormous poteryamm in nearly $ 2 billion.

The company expects to reduce its sales of smart phones, due to the failure of the mid-price segment and “reduction” non-profit markets. But the austerity measures that the Sony, prevailed over the past year, give the desired effect on the general state of the manufacturer.

In all of its divisions, the Sony is counting on a record in the current fiscal year, operating profit of $ 2.7 billion, almost unchanged compared with the previous year ($ 2.67 billion). The forecast is 25% lower than analysts’ estimates.

The company also claims that if not for the earthquake, their operating profit of about $ 3.6 billion.

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