Sony reported for the fourth quarter

Sony has published its financial results for the fourth quarter, according to which, the company’s mobile business, in a sense even improved.

Sony reported for the fourth quarter

In general, the company was able to get about $ 1 billion in profit for the period of three months ended December 31, 2015. Sony showed a significant software sales growth PS4, and its cinema division.

Unfortunately, it was possible to increase revenues by only 0.5% compared to the same quarter a year ago due to a significant decrease in sales of smart phones, the company.

Mobile Business Japanese manufacturer brought $ 3.2 billion, and net profit -. $ 201 million sales decreased by almost 15% due to «a significant reduction in the piece of smartphone sales”.

Last year, the company decided to produce fewer smartphones and reduce development costs and marketing. Although the profit from sales and reduced net profit increased by 133%, which means that the new strategy is quite capable.

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