Sony reported for the second quarter

The last 10 years were not the best for Sony, with their $ 150 per share in 2000 and $ 9.75 per share in 2012. Since then, the Japanese company has changed a lot in order to remain competitive in the global market. At the end of the second quarter of 2015, the situation is gradually improving.

Sony reported for the second quarter

The company’s profit rose by 35.6% in 2015, and the company received $ 280 million.
In addition to changes in corporate policy, which involve extensive restructuring and an increase in profit is partly a credit to the recent fall in the value yen continued success PS4. Favorable exchange rates and net income of $ 199 million from its gaming division became the basis of the company’s profits.

However, these benefits do not fully compensate for the billions of dollars lost in Sony TV market due to less expensive competitors from Taiwan and South Korea since 2005. The mobile division is still experiencing difficulties, and statements recorded a fall of 15%, which is $ 172 million loss.

Perhaps it would be bad news, but if we compare this with the $ 1.58 billion that Sony Mobile lost in the second quarter of 2014, it’s not so bad.

Apparently, the Sony is going to abandon the least profitable undertakings and to focus on those areas of business that have a good return. Their current sales are still booming camera components and semiconductors.

As you can see, the Sony is still trying to get to his feet, and all this goes. But the company should go a long way before you achieve this success.

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