Sony will bring PlayStation games to smartphones

Sony will bring PlayStation games to smartphones

All over the world used the billions of smartphones and traditional game companies have just come to the conclusion that it is possible to profit from the game for smartphones. Nintendo has recently released its first mobile app, and plans to release a game in the near future.

Sony will bring PlayStation games to smartphones

It looks like, Sony has also again going to break into the smartphone market, this time with her in the newly-formed corporation ForwardWorks. ForwardWorks – a new company focused on the deployment of services is constantly expanding market of smartphones and start working from April 1 this year.

The press release states that ForwardWorks will use the intellectual property of the PlayStation game consoles, which means that we should see some familiar characters in the game and on our smartphones in the near future.

Unless specifically indicated that it will introduce the Sony, and we can only assume that ForwardWorks develops games for Android and iOS. And if it means that we will get something like GrandTurisimo on smartphones, it will be great news for all players.

It is worth noting, however, that if Sony mobile sphere is moving in the same direction as the Nintendo, it could mean the emergence of new titles, perhaps even the implementation of the new scheme, the freemium games, and not the original, and all of your favorite game.

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