Sony will delay the release of Marshmallow Concept

Sony had planned to bring Sony Concept Android Marshmallow stage of closed beta testing at the end of this week. However, after a very positive experience with the testers, the company changed its decision.

Sony will delay the release of Marshmallow Concept

Work productively with testerovshikami, Sony decided to wait with the release of an update to the New Year. Additional time is certainly good news for the tens of thousands of participants in the program, and it also means that Sony will have some extra.

time to collect more reviews and configure the update.
However, there are Insufficient, since the company does not know exactly when it plans to release the update officially, and now it is not known whether the Z5 series will receive in January.

However, the final release can be based on the new version of Android 6.0.1, as the company begins the implementation of this software. Assembling MMB29M.Z1.3021-somc includes 200 new Emoji and new regime “Do not disturb».

We hope that the postponement of the release date of a positive impact on the upgrade.

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