Sony will hold an event at the end of February

Sony press event at CES 2016 was quite modest – even boring in terms of mobile news. But it might just be the reason that the company is preparing for something more interesting.

Sony will hold an event at the end of February

Sony appointed event on February 22 and started to send out invitations. But what can show producer on the upcoming event?

Looking back on the past game events, we see a combination of small and high-profile announcements. MWC 2013, for example, brought us water resistant and thin (at the time) tablet Xperia Tablet Z.

At MWC 2015 the company introduced the Xperia Z4 Tablet and smartphone Xperia M4 Aqua. Given that the three flagship of Sony Xperia Z1, Z3 and Z5) were announced at IFA, more likely that the company will not present something really powerful.

However, Xperia Z2 was announced in February at MWC 201, so we can not completely exclude the possibility to see the productive apparatus at a press conference.

The company is known for releasing a new flagship in the 6-month cycle, and to the end of February will be about 5 months since the announcement of Xperia Z5. It is possible that the company will prepare something special.

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