Sony Xperia Z5 Prime undergone extraordinary inspection

Smartphones often fall into the hands of testers who experience smartphones strength. Sony Xperia Z5 Prime is no exception. If you like to watch, as the smartphone is subjected to extreme check, the video of Jerry yutubera Riga will have you liking.

Test the strength of smartphone consist of scratching around the metal and glass exterior, primeneneniya flame to the display, and check your smartphone for resistance to bending, to see whether the device will be able to survive in the back pocket. There are a couple of interesting notes, which become known in the video:

1. The camera lens is easily scratched. Most likely the reason for this is a plastic lens. This unfortunate trait for devices sold in the premium segment, and it was particularly bothered a company that boasts a high performance camera.

2. The glass panels on the front and back of coping with scratches from keys and blades perfectly.

3. Metal sides of the machine will suffer from deterioration due to the keys and coins.

4.Telefon can be bent and is pretty good. But as long as you do not sit on your smartphone while it is in your back pocket, you do not have to worry about.

Of course, in real life no one would so mock smartphone. But such tests give future owners to take into account to understand whether or not to purchase a smartphone and how durable it is.

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