Specifications flagship smartphone from Zopo became known

During the past year, one of the leading Chinese manufacturers Zopo does not manifest itself. Many people might have the impression that the trend will continue, however, new leaks reveal that the upcoming smartphone Zopo will return back to the manufacturer in the mobile industry.

Specifications flagship smartphone from Zopo became known

For a start, the network got the image from the upcoming PHABLET Zopo. And if it did not carry more information than what PHABLET be equipped with a fingerprint reader, the next leak, it showed most of the device specifications.

The leak says that the new smartphone Zopo will run desyatiyadernogo processor MediaTek Helio X20. The device will get 4 GB of RAM and a 20-megapixel main camera, which will be able to take photos in RAW format.

It is known that the smartphone will be 2560h1440 pixels resolution. The estimated price of the device will be from 500 to $ 600.

If the information is accurate, it is really a competitive Zopo release a smartphone that is able to compete with well-known flagship.

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