Specifications Snapdragon 820 have already appeared on the network

Snapdragon 820 processor has been the subject of much debate over the past few months. The problem with overheating Snapdragon 810 affected by Qualcomm and the mobile industry as a whole. The company recently said it will submit Snapdragon 820 processor specifications for the conference on August 11 but they have hit the net.

Specifications Snapdragon 820 have already appeared on the network

Today some interesting slide presentation Snapdragon 820 have been found, which has the code name MSM8996. They are fairly accurate in the description of the new technologies used in future chipset. Most of the information is the same as what we’ve heard before, so it has a high chance to be accurate.

Snapdragon 820 processor will use 14-nanometer FinFET process technology to become competitive Exynos 7420 from Samsung. More importantly, Qualcomm’s company once again refused to ARM core nucleus and developed a special architecture – previously we thought that it would be called Kryo, but the document alleges Hydra title.

Specifications Snapdragon 820 have already appeared on the network

Apparently Qualcomm’s so confident in the new architecture that has reduced the number of cores in the processor to four, instead of eight as in the Snapdragon 810. But the company still promises to improve the productivity by 35%. And this, combined with the new GPU Adreno 530, which accounts for 40% improved performance, as well as a 30% improvement in energy efficiency.

Snapdragon 820 processor will support dual-channel memory LPDDR4 at speeds up to 1688 MHz. camera features have also been significantly improved. The new chip supports cameras up to 28 MP.  Naturally, the rapid media development reflected in the hardware. MSM8996 will be able to handling 4K-video at 60fps.

The graph shows that the Snapdragon 820 will be released in late 2015. However, this applies to the initial delivery for OEM-partners, so we can  expect that the first batch of the flagship phones and tablets with Snapdragon 820 in the 1st quarter of 2016.

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