Stagefright Vulnerability returns

Stagefright Vulnerability returns

The researchers, based on a new vulnerability has been discovered Stagefright, which can be used to take control of your Samsung, LG or HTC just 15 seconds. The Israeli research team has already christened the name of a working exploit “Metaphor”.

Stagefright Vulnerability returns

When the Metaphor allows malware to be introduced into the device, can open, copy or even delete the data on the infected device.

Worse yet, Metaphor can also be used to take control of the microphone and the camera, so that hackers can spy on the owner and even track their location through GPS is turned on.

Metaphor, is reported to be sent as a message referring to the video that gets into the media player device, and restarts it.

JavaScript on the page collects all existing data on the device and sends them to a video hosting server, which then sends another video with malicious software that takes control of the device.

And given the fact that restarting applications – quite common phenomenon, suspected of hacking is not so easy. But it is not so bad, vulnerability affects devices Android 2.2 to 4.0, and Android 5.0 and 5.1.

other versions “green robot“ protected from the exploit, and we are confident that Google is working on a fix.

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