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Multi-functional and really good applications for playing music is not so much. «PowerAmp». «Rocket Player». «PlayerPro»What else do you know? But compete they will be able to make a player «Stellio Music Player», Moreover, it is from domestic developers.

«Stellio Music Player» especially interesting for its functional part. Then I saw all the things that only you can wait, expect and want. For the full joy only «Shazama» lacks. And so there is a ten-band equalizer and the possibility of random / sequential shift track, «attenuation» music for incoming messages and calls, sleep timer, viewing works of text. It supports playlists and almost all audio files. And one has only to go to the settings of the program, so we will find there are so many places and opportunities SETUP, just look at first.

Of the features player can mention the lock screen. Although it is not «Go Locker»And blocker quite good. In the center we have a release button, and the bottom functional multimedia keys. Above shows the time, and in the background there is a cover image of the track. The only shortcomings is that the blocker will work only if the player is switched on, and it is so good, that would like to use it constantly. Besides, in «Stellio Music Player» There are four widgets wallpapers and lock screen (Android 4.4+).

Special application note «Stellio Music Player» there in the social part. This player integrates with your account VKontakte and allows to load all of your tracks and play them, and save and share them with friends. Still I had a chat, and access to reports and official client «VK» It could be replaced by «Stellio Music Player».

This audio player looks good and stylish, so more to the design I will not go back. As the background track or stylized cover plate on the gramophone to be used, which has been repeatedly mentioned.

«Stellio Music Player» – highly «powerful» and truly functional audio player!

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