Sundar Pichai announce the next phase of Android One

Executive Director of Google’s Sundar Pichai, is leaving next week to India and New Delhi will hold a press conference.

Sundar Pichai announce the next phase of Android One

Pichai will deliver a keynote speech that the company has planned for India, which may include new plans for Android One.

Pichai was one of the initiators of the project launch Android One in India last year. The company is expected to announce the next wave of Android One devices.

Previous discussions about this year’s program say that the company can focus on a range of devices even more affordable.

Google may also be prepared for the further weakening of the hardware restrictions for producers to encourage more competition.

Android One is not gained popularity in the Indian smartphone market. Manufacturers of smartphones from China pushed the majority of Android One-products.

Given the potential, India is a key market for Google over the next few years.

During his visit to India, Pichai also meet with President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and will deliver a lecture in the commercial college “Sri Ram” 17 December.

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