Sundar Pichai appointed new leadership

It is well known that Google conducted a large-scale restructuring. While Google have become subsidiaries own projects Alphabet, Google will operate under the leadership of new CEO Sundar Pichai. And now, the new CEO took up personnel matters.

Sundar Pichai appointed new leadership

According to the decision Pichai, senior vice president of advertising became Neal Mohan. Philipp Schindler is also taking on a new role as Vice President of Global Sales and Operations.

More importantly (for us, at least), this new position Hiroshi Lokheymera. He was appointed manager of the departments of Android, Chrome OS, and your Chromecast, ie, departments, previously led by Sundar Pichai.

Well, apparently, Google’s leadership there are new faces. But more interesting is that, what kind of results they will bring us. We hope that Pichai made the right choice and he will be able to make Google better.

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