Swatch Smart Watch will hold a charge for six months



Swiss watchmaker Swatch said that almost finished revolutionary battery development for smart hours.

Over the last year the market of smart watches has expanded considerably, the new devices are becoming more and more. However, wearable electronics is not in a hurry to get to every family and become an indispensable thing. Perhaps this can be explained by some claims to the existing smart-hours market.

Swatch Smart Watch will hold a charge for six months

The main claim is still a little battery life, which allows you to wear smart-hours a day at most two, and with the active use – a few hours. According to many, it is unacceptable for such a gadget, which is always a man.

In this case the problem is not in the high-energy-intensive operating systems and smart hours of programs, and that the manufacturer sets these gadgets batteries with very little capacity (approximately 10 times less than in the average smartphone). This is done for the sake of compactness of the device.

But, it seems, we will soon find a solution to this problem. The head of the legendary Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch Nick Hayek said that their company is almost ready solution that enables dozens to increase the autonomy of smart watches.

Swatch The secret lies in the development of a revolutionary battery that will not need to charge for 6 months. Above the battery conjure Belenos company and manufacturer Penata batteries. If they succeed to create the most ultra-compact capacious battery, it will be a breakthrough. It can be used in many other fields, such as in automobiles.

While Swatch company did not disclose any information on their smart watches. Maybe they’re going to save his Ultra-charge the battery, simply by installing more energy-efficient platform than Android Wear.

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