Tesla demonstrated a new type of charger

It looks like, Tesla company does not stop on the way the invention of different cool things.  August 6, the company wrote in his Twitter account about some unusual charger, which was already mentioned founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk.

Tesla demonstrated a new type of charger

More December 31 Musk wrote the following: «By the way, we’re really working on charging, which automatically slides out from the wall and connected as a continuous metal snake». At the time it seemed crazy, but it looks really exists.

As you can see, it’s charging station, which seems to have arrived to us directly from the sci-fi movie. The video demonstrates how the work of the so-called «metal Snake»Which finds its own Tesla S car and connects to it.

Details of the device are not reported, but it looks really promising. We can only wait for the official announcement, and until then to settle for the video that want to revise any one time.

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