The Android N will support split screen

The general consensus around the new tablet Pixel C is that the device suffers from a lack of optimized applications and software. Pixel team has answered questions Reddit Ask Me Anything, which said that one of the most useful software optimizations for Android may come in the next update.

The Android N will support split screen

Andrew Bowers, director of consumer hardware by Google, in the AMA said that now they are working on a lot of things for N, but since the team did not want to spoil the surprise, they will not disclose the details. Theme Still, Bowers said that the screen is divided in development.

The team also mentioned the work on support for the DisplayPort, but it is not clear whether it will be part of Android N.

We obviously know that Google is working on Android N, as the company does not stop at the development of the operating system. However, the first thing that we have learned about one of the major updates planned for Android.

It is not surprising that Google is working on the improvement of multi-tasking for large screens, and there is a chance that we will see something similar to the Windows Continuum.

The question remains, when will we be able to see the update.

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