The Android N will support stylus

On the Samsung website for developers there was a record that the API for the S Pen stylus “It will be terminated in the Android N”. But do not be seen, you will still be able to enjoy all the features S Pen even after the update.

The Android N will support stylus

On the page with the API, Samsung company lists three specific features that will be obsolete in N: AirButton, SmartClip and WritingBuddy. This means that all of these features will be available in Android N default.

Rumors about the presence of the stylus support in Android exist for some time, but given that Samsung is the only company that has established good cooperation with the stylus, it seemed unlikely.

Of course, Samsung sells more smartphones and tablets than anyone else, so the addition of the stock, so that the addition of this functionality, sooner or later had to happen, especially for tablets.

Google strives to provide better support for work on the tablets in the Android N, so adding support for styluses will be an important step in this direction.

Adopting popular features from the original equipment manufacturers and third-party developers, Google makes the drain version of Android more user-friendly.

Themes, pop-up notifications, multi-window mode, fingerprint recognition, power saving mode, a notification on the lock screen – all of these features have appeared in the other developers and manufacturers, before getting into the Android.

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