The beta version of Google Now Launcher received new opportunities

Google posted a new beta version of Google Now Launcher app, and it’s got a few new features.

The beta version of Google Now Launcher received new opportunities

Firstly, the application was supported by the automatic rotation in smartphones. At present, the stable version supports auto-rotation on tablets only, but if you want to do the same on your smartphone, you’ll need to download the beta version.

This feature is present in the Android M Developer’s Preview, but it mysteriously disappeared with the release of the third version of the operating system for developers, and is not returned back to the present day.

To enable auto-rotation you need to go to the Settings app and select a new option that appears at the bottom of the list.

Another new feature in this beta – normalization of icons. It allows changing the size of the application icons to make them more consistent with each other – so you do not have to watch a huge icon next to the small, and so on.

Google has some guidelines about the size of icons, but not all of them adhere to the developers. Of course, there may be some cases in which automatic resizing does not make an appearance icon is better, but that’s why they were included in the beta release of the application.

Any added function must be improved and ottetsirovana before will appear on the final version, accessible to all.

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