The Droid Turbo with the screen there are 2 problems

At the end of last year, Motorola released the first “shatterproof“ smartphone called the Moto Droid Turbo 2. Despite its strength, some users began to notice a problem with the screen soon.
Some smartphone owners report appears vertical green bar on the display.

The Droid Turbo with the screen there are 2 problems

Forum topic Motorola indicates that the problem takes its beginning in November last year. A user who calls himself Venoran, posted the story, saying that when he addressed a problem in the Verizon smartphone screen, he was told that the reason for this drop is the Droid Turbo 2.

And it’s quite strange, considering that the smartphone is very difficult to break, in principle, all the more, to inflict similar damage. And now, the network began to appear similar complaints, which speak in favor of the issue on the part of the manufacturer.

Members claim that green bar appears randomly, some even say that it is expanding with time. So far there is no information whether it is a hardware or software problem, but we hope that clarification will appear in the near future.

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