The Google Photos v1.5 detected hints of future functionality

Just a couple of months ago, Google Photos are part of the social network Google+. Now that the application has received autonomy, it became a separate updates that add new features. Although version 1.5 does not introduce anything new in the code detected features that may appear in the future.

The Google Photos v1.5 detected hints of future functionality

Firstly, in future versions of the application may be a new feature called «cooperation». Users will be able to create an album and share it with other people, but with the possibility of other users to add your photos albums. If this option is enabled, other people can join «cooperation» and each participant will automatically receive content updates. Also, when you make changes, all users will receive the update.

Secondly, in the next update program will learn to give names to the photos if he finds people that are depicted in the photo. However, the detected code is incomplete, so expect this feature in later versions,

Also, Google listened to the indignation of users. The fact that many of the reviews criticized the application because of the lack of opportunity to use it in tandem with Chromecast. The search giant will correct this defect with the next update.

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