The leaked Galaxy Note 6 Specifications

No sooner had the ink dried on the S Pen smartphone Galaxy Note5, and we are already starting to get rumors about its successor. This is not the first time we hear about a new PHABLET, but current information is accompanied by a set of specifications that are quite plausible, except for one.

The leaked Galaxy Note 6 Specifications

According to the office of one of the liksterov on Weibo, the next generation of line Note will receive a 5.8-inch RGB AMOLED-display with a resolution of 1024 pixels and 2560h1440 pressure levels.

View other characteristics, we can see that the smartphone will get 6 GB of RAM, which may seem like overkill, but let’s not forget that Samsung put the 3 GB of RAM in Galaxy S6 in the past year, and in Note5 has 4 GB of RAM.

In addition, Samsung recently announced that they have started the mass production of memory chips of 12 Gb LPDDR4 using 20nm process technology, being the first company in the world that has achieved such a result.

As noted in the press release of Samsung, it would create smartphones with 6 GB of RAM. Given that the 8-bit byte, 12 Gb chip contains 1.5 GB of RAM. By joining together four of these chips in dual-channel configuration, Samsung smartphones can do now, with 6 GB of RAM, so it looks quite real.

As for chipsets, likster claims that the smartphone will be available in two versions, as in the case of the Galaxy S7. In addition, the smartphone will be equipped with 12-megapixel camera with OIS Plus, 64 and 128 GB of disk space and corporate stylus.

So far no information about the capacity of the battery and whether the device receives a slot for memory cards, but we hope to get the details in the near future.

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