The leaked live photos Huawei P9

As leaders of the world’s smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple have been warned by Huawei, the Chinese competitor vybetsya in the first place for 5 years. After graduating in 2015 with excellent results, Huawei believes that it is able to continue to achieve great success in the coming years.

The leaked live photos Huawei P9

In the past year the company has released a number of very well-accepted smartphones, including its first model Nexus. The device has received the highest score from obzorschikov as the flagship Huawei P8.

As for Huawei P9, back in December, there was talk that the smartphone will be available in March. Then it was rumored that the device will get a metal body, 5.2-inch display and the flagship Kirin 950 processor.

So P9 can be equipped with 4 GB of RAM, and a fingerprint scanner on the back panel. Yesterday’s leak revealed that the smartphone will have two main chambers. And the image that fell into the net in the last month revealed that the unit may be submitted to a physical button Home.

Today, thanks to Inside Nowhereelse site, we can see the image of the metal frame device. The images suggest that the device will be available with connector USB Type-C, and the cutouts for the camera support two modules, cut-out for the fingerprint reader can also be seen in the photo.

Huawei P9 can be presented in April, where the company will present 4 different versions of the smartphone, which will receive a total screen size. We hope to get new information from liksterov in the coming weeks.

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