The network got a roadmap ARM

This week announced the ARM core Cortex-A35, which is designed for wearables. Now it became known about the further plans of the company.

The network got a roadmap ARM

The road map of which leaked to the network, includes a new powerful processor Core-family, codenamed the Artemis, which will be manufactured using a next-generation technology – 10nm process technology. Given that the current 14nm process technology is advanced, this roadmap will ensure that we will see a sharp improvement in the ratio of power and performance in the foreseeable future. However, chipsets, built on a 10nm manufacturing process, are not expected until 2017.

Judging by the fact that ARM has introduced Cortex-35 processors, equipped with this core will be manufactured on 16-nm process technology and 14nm, and 10nm chipsets will appear on only when the technology will be available for mass production. Also in the plans of the company are given a new graphics processor, code-names of Mimir, and the Gemini of Egil, so we can only guess that the ARM is preparing for the future.

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