The network got the user guide HTC Vive PRE

It’s no secret that HTC is going to release a helmet HTC Vive PRE virtual reality. And although we do not know the exact date of launch of the device, various leaks and then seep into the network.

The network got the user guide HTC Vive PRE

At this time, the network has got the user a virtual reality headset Vive PRE Guide. The guide explains everything you need to know about the use of the helmet, including how to put it.

What is the first indication in the manual? «Pull out the headset and rasperemestit before your eyes”. The guide also shows how to connect the USB-cable to the device, how to clean the headset, as the controllers work, and even how to attach the strap to the controller.

One of the most important sections devoted to how to create their own virtual room (which will now be known as VR Palace).

When setting up the room for the VR, you need to get rid of furniture, pets and mirrors. In other words, you can be so immersed in the virtual world that you will stumble on a chair or sofa that is in the real world. And you must also rid the space of any mirror that can reflect light.

Pre-orders for Vive begin on February 29 with the launch, which will take place in April. You can check the user’s guide by clicking on the link in

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