The network has information about the cost Mate 8

As is known, flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 8, will be presented on 26 November. Prior to the announcement remained all week, so the network there are more leaks about the device. At this time it became known smartphone costs.

The network has information about the cost Mate 8

According to a new report, the cost of manufacturing Mate 8 higher than 1,700 yuan ($ 266). For comparison, iPhone 6s production costs 1,400 yuan ($ 220). Given that the retail price of the iPhone 6s is $ 600, the cost Mate 8 will be rather big.

Information is based on a recent report, which lists the price for each part of the device. The touch screen is the most expensive of all the components and the price was 550 yuan, 530 yuan worth parent.

The metal case has managed in 380 million yuan, the rear camera is 180 yuan, while the front camera is 50 yuan. 20 yuan worth charger 30 yuan – the data cable. These prices do not include costs incurred during the assembly, packaging and other costs. All these costs will lead to even greater margins.

Increased production costs also leads to an increase in the retail price of a smartphone. According to earlier rumors, Mate is 8, will be offered at the price of 3299 yuan ($ 517) for the variation with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM version with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of disk space will cost 3,899 yuan ($ 611).

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