The network has live pictures Samsung Gear S2

We all know that Samsung is going to introduce smart watches Samsung Gear S2 at the upcoming conference IFA 2015. Thanks to the South Korean company event in New York, is known for interface enhancement and diversion requested light on his appearance. Today, the executive director of Samsung Miloseski Dennis posted the image to watch the Instagram, to whet your interest in the new gadget.

The network has live pictures Samsung Gear S2

As you can see, the picture may please us with a good close-up and is the metal frame around the display, which is, of course, looks pretty nice.

We can also see a few buttons on the side of the Gear S2, which may help in navigating through the OS. CEO Samsung has not provided any information about the device, in addition, that he decided to take the watch for a test drive.

Unfortunately, until now the details of the characteristics of the devices remain unknown, but before the announcement of the accessory is not much time, so we will soon be able to learn all the required information officially.

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