The network has the update date of Samsung devices

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphones, what could be better than to find a road map that shows when to expect an upgrade to Android 6.0 for your device? Today, the network has plans to upgrade the smartphone from Samsung.

The network has the update date of Samsung devices

The Roadmap is divided into two distinct phases. The first stage will be updated smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, which will be updated next month.

The next pair, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be updated in January of this year. In February, we should expect an upgrade to Android 6.0 devices Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. All the Galaxy phones, which have a scheduled date of their Android 6.0 update. Date of renovation Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not specified.

All the smartphones of the second phase is also not received exact renewal date. This phase includes Galaxy A8, A7, A5, A3 and Galaxy E7 and E5.

Update Android 6.0 includes many new features such as Doze, which puts the device in a deep sleep, increasing operating time in standby mode. Google has introduced a new version of the operating system, contextual search, which will show search results, depending on what is happening on the screen. Android 6.0 also provides users the ability to manage permissions applications.

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