The new smartphone OnePlus is not a successor to One Plus 2

Yesterday, co-founder and CEO of OnePlus Carl Pei in his interview with USA Today confirmed that the company will launch new smartphone by year-end. Naturally, the details of the new device from OnePlus Pei has not provided but we have the opportunity to find out what the device is and how it will be called.

The new smartphone OnePlus is not a successor to One Plus 2

During the session, Reddit AMA (ask me anything), a company representative said OnePlus fans that their next smartphone will not OnePlus 3, as well as the OnePlus 2C. In other words, the new device from OnePlus is not a successor «killer champions».

Most likely, we are talking about the so-called OnePlus Mini, as the company also mentioned that it would expand the range of handsets this year. However, until the end, we can not be sure of this.

It should also be noted that the release of a brand new device from OnePlus does not mean the end of the year that the company has stopped the development of the line «killers flagships».

In fact, the company has already announced that the process of developing OnePlus 3 has already begun. The company also noted that the OnePlus One sales will continue until the end of the year, after which the smartphone will no longer be available.

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