The next flagship Huawei could become Mate 7S

It is well known that Huawei is going to release a new flagship smartphone at IFA 2015 to be held in Berlin in September. However, since the company did not disclose any details,  still it remains a mystery whether this will 7S Mate, Mate 7 Mate Plus or 8.

Now the veil of secrecy slightly ajar, as Huawei director of retail sales posted a teaser Zhu Ping, which depicts words “Unique S”That are written in bold in the center.

Chances are good that teaser hints at the name of the next Huawei smartphone. Thus, the rumors, stating that the next flagship Huawei will be known as the S7 or Mate Mate 8 are confirmed.

Another reason to believe that the next flagship is not exactly Mate 8 – photos of the device. Smartphone codenamed CRR-UL00 TENAA recently got on the site and its design is strikingly similar to the Mate 7.

The next flagship Huawei could become Mate 7S

Given that Huawei always makes changes to the design of next-generation line, it can be expected that the new smartphone – an improved version of the Mate 7.

Also went to the information that the next smartphone  Huawei will be equipped with technology Force Touch, which is also confirmed, now CEO of his hands, Richard J.

IFA 2015 is fast approaching and we are confident that we will soon be able to learn a few details about the new Huawei device.

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