The patent agreement between Samsung and Ericsson

Yesterday it became known that the between companies Samsung and Google It signed a patent license in order to safeguard themselves from various patent trolls. Today received new information that it is not the only company that seems to be an agreement was signed with Ericsson.

The patent agreement between Samsung and Ericsson

Currently, detailed terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but it is known that after the signing of the contract Ericsson will make significant adjustments to its financial statements for the last quarter of 2013. The amount of income of the company Ericsson  increased by the amount $ 652.3 million, net profit -. to $ 512.5 million in addition to the down payment is also Samsung will regularly make payments in favor Ericsson.

Cost recall that prior to the conclusion  agreement between the Samsung and Ericsson, entered successfully litigation, at the time of signing withdrawn between the two companies.

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