The patent application shows Samsung foldable smartphone-tablet

Apart from the fact that Samsung is developing a smartphone manufacturer is known for having invented the latest technology. The company patented many inventions, and although not all of them are implemented, the Samsung is trying to implement many of them.

Today, another patent application from Samsung has been released by the US Patent Office. The patent in question on the smartphone, which expanded to become a tablet. Back in May, it was reported that the manufacturer is working on its own smartphone sofa, which was named «Project Valley».

The device is reported to have received the model number SM-G929F, which puts it on par with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. Folding machine is expected to be sold in South Korea, a number of European markets (UK, Germany, Italy, France and Poland) and in the Nordic region.

Of course, the patent does not have enough information, so there are still some issues. For example, it is not clear whether the device is closed by screens or by folding the two screens will remain open.

Whatever it was, we can only expect more leaks that reveal more details.

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