The Russian market collapsed phones



Financial performance in the market of mobile phones in Russia decreased significantly and reached a state of crisis six years ago.

Company IDC conducted a market research and explained the laws of formation of demand for mobile phones in Russia.

The Russian market collapsed phones

Compared with the last quarter of last year in the first quarter 2015 Russian mobile phone market has reduced by half the amount in absolute terms and almost 60% – in cash. In the analyzed period in Russia brought 6 million 528 thousand. Mobile phones in the amount of 787 million dollars.

Such mobile market indices fall in Russia last experienced in 2009, which was a crisis for all market areas, and not just for mobile phones.

However, this drop in demand for mobile phones does not explain a decrease in the interest of buyers in the quarter, and a strong surge in sales in the past. In the fourth quarter of 2014, Russians bought mobiles to spend the currency, fearing for her safety because of the devaluation. It is also significantly influenced by the picture output of new items from Apple – iPhone 6 – which was most of the second half of the volume of purchases last year in cash terms.

Now, however, was a decline in buying activity in Russia, which naturally occurs after the burst period.

By the way, the Russians are in no hurry to move from feature phones to smartphones. In this quarter, as in the past, they prefer smartphones in the proportion of 2: 1. The Android operating system is still very popular and occupies 85% of the smartphone market in the Russian Federation. Of these, one-third – are the products of Samsung. Compete with up to her brands Alcatel, Lenovo and Russian Fly.

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