The successor to LG V10 receive Nuclun 2 processor

It’s no secret that LG is trying his hand in the segment of mobile processors. After the failure of the original chipset Nuclun, the Korean company has developed the following solution called Nuclun 2. For the first time we heard about it back in August, and still there was no release of devices based on it.

The successor to LG V10 receive Nuclun 2 processor

But things can change in the next year. According to a new rumor from China, the LG will use Nuclun 2 V10 successor – a smartphone that was launched not so long ago now. Consequently, the V10’s successor will be submitted no earlier than the second half of 2016.

We also learned that the upcoming chip will not equip the LG G5 Reputation:, presumably because of the chipset performance is simply not enough for a flagship device.

Even so, Nuclun 2 will be able to compete with Huawei Kirin 950. Nuclun 2 will be made using 16nm process technology of TSMC, and will be equipped with Cortex-A72 cores and Cortex-A53.

As for Nuclun 3, it aims to compete with the Exynos 8890, but it is not yet clear when the third generation of chips from LG will appear in smartphones.

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