The YouTube for Android has appeared unusual cross

Google does not stop on the way to test new functions in their branded applications. This time «victim» was a program of popular video service YouTube. When viewing the video in the control box, there was a strange cross.

The YouTube for Android has appeared unusual cross

Previously, if you were watching a video on YouTube through the official app from Google, you can click on the video appeared the so-called «scrubber» – The control panel, which is over the video.

In the scrubber, the following functions: roll, add to playlist, share, full screen, and a drop-down menu allows you to choose the video quality, and turn on / off subtitles. To close the scrubber had again tapnut video.

A new button X, which has already appeared in some users, duplicates the action clicking on the video – closes the control panel. Pretty strange Google’s decision, as the previous version was intuitive, and the new button can mislead users, may in fact show that it performs the function of closing the video.

In any case, the function is in beta, and we can expect a change or expansion of X-button functions in the near future.

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