There was a problem with the stylus in the Samsung Note 5

Successor line traditions Note, Samsung Galaxy Note5 turned out quite controversial device. Many could upset a small amount of battery power, as well as its nesёmnost. In addition, a sufficient number of members were upset because of the lack of a microSD slot. Who he became known more one drawback Note5 – this time in construction.

There was a problem with the stylus in the Samsung Note 5

The fact that the stylus from Samsung leader can be inserted into the device from both sides. In this case, if the stylus pen inserted down – likely as damage the extraction mechanism of recognition and the fact that the stylus will be stuck in your smartphone.

By the way, the previous model line Note deprived of this problem – the connector is designed so that the pen down to insert the stylus is not. Ironically, Samsung was aware of miscalculation with connector and he brought the information to the warning on page 25 manual.

It seems, therefore, the company attempted to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own mistakes, shifting the burden of guilt on the people who, in most cases, will not read the instructions.

Whatever it was, it is strongly recommended that you not insert the stylus pen down, as this would entail unpleasant consequences.

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