There was the first custom firmware Android Auto

Android Auto initially seen as a closed system. Of course, this contradicts the very idea «OSes» Android. The Auto Android, in fact, no different from Android mobile devices, of course, except that its bearer is a huge piece of metal on wheels. And some developers have proved it.

There was the first custom firmware Android Auto

Sooner or later it had to happen. Fearless users online AVIC411 enthusiasts discovered a way to download the software directly from the SD-memory card slot on the Android Auto head unit.

The victim was a successful experiment, the head unit Pioneer NEX series. Enthusiasts have taken the first step towards the emergence of a custom firmware for automotive entertainment systems.

The process of loading custom firmware – it’s a long process. But to set the user does not require special technical skills, just follow the instructions provided by the user bass_rock, which consists of 9 steps. The user must restart the head unit in the test mode, and then install the customized version of BSP software.

However, the creators just say that doing the wrong action, you can «okirpichit» device, so that all manipulations are performed on the user’s own risk.

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